Mackays Raspberry & Lemon Curd Dessert


Ingredients (makes 4 pots):

½ jar Mackays Lemon Curd

450mls thick crème fraiche

16 to 20 amoretti biscuits, crumbled

125g fresh raspberries


1. Swirl most of the Mackays Lemon Curd through the crème fraiche, leaving a few teaspoons back to garnish. You want a rippled effect, so don’t over mix.

2. Lightly crush most of the raspberries, leaving a few for a garnish.

3. Take 4 water glasses and start to layer your dessert pots up by adding the ingredients as follows:

4. Spoon some crushed amoretti biscuits into the bottom of the glass and then some of raspberries; add the Mackays Lemon Curd cream next and repeat the layers once more ending with the Mackays Lemon Curd cream.

5. Spoon some Mackays Lemon Curd on top and add some fresh raspberries as a garnish. Serve straight away.